«Каждый день — это вызов себе». Страдающая анорексией показала фото «до» и «после» выздоровления

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Девушка, которая вылечилась от анорексии, опубликовала фотографии результатов борьбы с недугом. В соцсетях она обнародовала снимки, на которых изображена во время болезни и в настоящее время, доказав тем самым, что худоба не выглядит красиво.

20-летняя австралийка Клэр Мерцер заболела анорексией, ещё когда была подростком. В семь лет девочка настолько следила за весом, что даже сравнивала его с весом своих одноклассниц, пишет издание The Sun.

I’m feeling so blessed to know that I have managed to reach over 5000 of you beautiful people. Although my journey has been incredibly long and horrible, I have always believed that some kind of good must eventually come out of the bad. I have always wanted to be able to help, inspire, encourage and give hope to people. I would feel so blessed to know that I was doing that for just a single person, but to know that I’m potentially helping over 5000 people with, or without eating disorders, I can honestly say that I am just feeling totally blown away. Thank you for all of your support. Thank you for accepting me. Thank you for choosing recovery. Recovery is definitely possible and SO worth it, you just need to believe it for yourself and consciously choose it every single second of every single day. ⬅️ left = dying, miserable alien, ➡️ right = living, happy Claire ?? it’s your decision as to which one you would rather be. Please choose wisely ? #fuckanorexia ?

Фото опубликовано Claire ??? (@creating.claire)

«Я была сильно огорчена, когда узнала, что одна из моих подруг весит на 10 килограммов меньше меня. После этого я два часа прыгала на батуте, чтобы сбросить калории», — призналась Клэр.

1: I was an IVF baby ?? and apparently it was a ‘miracle’ that I was born…don’t really feel like a miracle tho tbh ? 2: I started school when I was 4 and cried every single day of reception (kindergarten, first grade, whatever you want to call it haha)? 3: I was a national gymnast at the age of 7 but had to quit a few years later because they wanted me to do school part time and train 27 hours a week… Mum said no way haha ? 4: my two best friends lived next door to me and we cut down the fence out the back so we had a passage to each other’s houses. We’re still best friends today ? 5: those same 2 girls and I had a band called ‘the groovy chicks’ and we had concerts for the whole neighbourhood ??? 6: I used to climb on to the roof of my two story house and just chill up there for hours ? 7: I genuinely thought that getting my ears pierced would turn my ears green (like on the episode of Arthur the cartoon) ?? 8: I had an extreme fear of Santa ?? 9: I was obsessed with fairies and the colours pink and purple ?? 10: I once tried to jump from my trampoline to a brick wall and I ended up smashing my head and falling into rose bushes… Not a pretty sight ?? 11: I played the clarinet for 7 years ? 12: my best friend at school was a boy called Thomas and we were INSEPARABLE and he’s still one of my best friends ? 13: I was pretty much at the beach 24/7 ? 14: I was in ‘Auskick’ and played footy at half time in an AFL match in front of 40 thousand people (I couldn’t even kick the ball ?) ? 15: my favourite TV show was the Simpsons and I could quote every single episode ? 16: I used to wear bright coloured ankle length board shorts, with rainbow toe socks and sneakers, and I actually thought I looked so cool ? 17: I wore my hair in two pigtails for school photos every year because I was terrified of looking like a boy?? 18: I smashed my head, near the corner of my eye on a table when I was a baby and needed stitches, and then a few weeks later I did the exact same thing on the other side and I still have scars next to my eyes! ? 19: I started skiing when I was 2 ? 20: I traveled around the world when I was 5 ? people I tag, you’re up!

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Когда девочке было 12, у её отца диагностировали рак кишечника, что ещё больше усугубило состояние Мерцер.

I know lots of you hate seeing these photos but it’s helpful af to me and I also know it’s helpful for a lot of other people too. I think this photo is appropriate to go with my lil positive story from last night as well. When I took the photo on the left I was horrified at how big I looked. I thought I was so ‘chunky’ and ‘bulky’. I liked the fact that my muscles were a bit defined, but I thought they were too big and there was too much fat covering them. I took the photo on the right today and as you can see, I am bigger, my muscles are a hell of a lot less defined and I’m also much more tan ? I still feel like I have too much fat covering my body, I’m still horrified at how my body looks, but I know logically that the left photo is not ‘attractive’, or ‘fit’, or ‘toned’. It’s actually really gross to the outside world ? and let me tell you I have had many a guy tell me which one they’d rather bang ??? anyway story time: as I previously mentioned, last night was very tough for me. After a hard psych appointment and working in the afternoon, I came home and did some homework that my psych asked me to do. It put me into a pretty bad space, one I haven’t been in for quite a while. Anyway, long story short, my usual coping mechanisms when stuff like that happens are to restrict my food/vigorously exercise/purge. I think it’s like a way to make me feel cleansed of all the yucky stuff that is going on inside of me at those times. Anyway, by the time I was in a good enough place to exercise, it was 10:30!! I was all ready to do a workout but just as I was about to start, I thought to myself ‘no fuck this, it’s late, I’m so tired and overwhelmed, and I DON’T WANT TO EXERCISE’. So I hopped in the shower and went to bed. I did NO exercise yesterday even though I had 110% planned to. That’s a huge thing for me, if it’s planned, it HAS TO HAPPEN. But I challenged it. I listened to what my body and mind were telling me and ignored the eating disorder. It was scary, but it was also incredibly empowering. I actually felt stronger than the eating disorder. I can’t really explain it, but I’m pretty bloody proud. YOU DON’T HAVE TO OBSESSIVELY EXERCISE TO LOOK GOOD. Фото опубликовано Claire ??? (@creating.claire)


«Я не понимала, почему он заболел, ведь мы всегда питались правильно. Тогда я решила для себя, что не буду есть пищу, которая кажется мне вредной. Вскоре я перестала есть вообще», — рассказала она.

Позже девушка стала одержимой: контролировала каждый приём пищи и стала всё сильнее зависеть от своего веса.

Sorry to be another person reflecting on their year over Facebook. While I don’t particularly agree with using Facebook as some kind of diary or platform to tell our life stories, I am well aware that it is so widely accessible and is the easiest way (at this time) to reach out to others. I hope that one day my sharing of certain things on social media will help someone in need, raise awareness and just generally make a difference in the lives of others. As many of you know, 2015 has been an absolute roller coaster of a year for me. After nearly losing my life at the start of 2015, I am proud to say that in 4 hours I will be entering 2016 as a HEALTHY 20 year old. My New Years resolution is not to lose weight, or to eat healthily, or to exercise more, or any of those all too common, emotionally damaging, obsessive and self-degrading resolutions. My New Years resolution is to stay healthy, continue to work my butt off to achieve full recovery, enjoy the little things in life, be kind to others and to do the best I can to create and maintain a life that is happy, joyful, loving, present, and is right for ME. Placing unnecessary rules and restrictions on ourselves in regards to what we eat, how we move and how we look is not only damaging to ourselves, but also to the rest of society. By all means, work towards health, but remember that health is not just physical. Depriving yourself of your favourite chocolate, forcing yourself to exercise when you’re too tired or attempting to maintain the ‘perfect’, ‘fit’, ‘thin’, ‘toned’ body, is NOT healthy, despite what we have somehow been brainwashed to believe. Allowing yourself to enjoy life, listening to your body, eating a variety of foods, moving in a way that you ENJOY, feeling happy, basing your self-worth on all of your personal qualities rather than physical components… THAT is healthy. So this year, I encourage everyone to work hard at being kind; not just to others but also to OURSELVES. Find contentment, not through shaping your body, but by shaping your mind. Continued in comments ? #fuckanorexia Фото опубликовано Claire ??? (@creating.claire)

«Мне было грустно, страшно, одиноко, и я не знала, как с этим бороться. Единственное, что меня радовало — это похудение», — говорит Клэр.

В 19 лет девушка поняла, что её одержимость вредит не только здоровью, но и жизни в целом. На тот момент её вес составлял всего 26 килограммов.

В один из дней у Клэр просто остановилось сердце, но врачам всё же удалось её спасти. После этого несколько недель, проведённых в госпитале, девушку кормили с помощью трубки, подающей питание.

Сейчас Клэр полностью здорова и делится в своём инстаграме блюдами, которые она с удовольствием ест. Теперь девушка спокойно может заказать бургер, пиццу, а на десерт попробовать шоколадное мороженое. Однако, после болезни ей нелегко набрать вес.

Me eating said pizza ✌?️

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«Каждый мой день — это вызов самой себе. И когда я набираю вес, то понимаю, что побеждаю», — говорит она.

Ведение аккаунта в инстаграме она объясняет желанием показать другим девушкам, что не нужно быть одержимой своим весом. На фото Клэр подробно описывает историю борьбы уже не с лишним весом, а с его нехваткой.

«Анорексия убивает множество молодых девушек. Если я смогу помочь хотя бы одной, то это будет означать, что я выполнила свою работу», — говорит она.